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Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily? A Not So Gentle “Dream Life”

In Salgood Sam’s words, Dream Life is “an unconventional narrative–what I’ve been calling neorealist comics. It tells the story of five childhood friends, loosely based off Peanuts archetypes, as they confront derailed expectations, reality checks, ethical & physical traumas, and loss. It showcases some richly drawn and hopefully narratively subtle pages, designed to lead you through and show the story in a lyrical fashion.”

Of Salgood Sam’s artwork, just google “Dream Life: A Late Coming Of Age” (or watch the YouTube vid above)–his style is incredible. His crowdfunding has been written about (that third link should be required reading). In his early days, he drew the work of Warren Ellis and Clive Barker through Marvel. Lately, as part of his next-to-no-sleep work ethic, he posts illustration instructionals on YouTube.

Dream Life is a beautiful book, with a minimalist cover and satin finish. BRAG: In my copy, le Montréalais drew my portrait–yay Kickstarter!

Me on a bookplate, by Salgood Sam

Me on a bookplate, by Salgood Sam

The surreal permeates a book otherwise grounded in reality, and it’s a wonderful experience for the reader. Most remarkable to me is its emotional depictions: the drudgery of the cubicle farm, being blindsided by sexual assault (the threat is palpable, though not ‘graphic’), rekindling friendships, and the hard, cold brevity of its few violent scenes.

Dream Life is a work of art. The best thing, though? There’s more story coming.

Find Dream Life: A Late Coming Of Age here.


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