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Luka Magnotta & a Means to an End (literally)

I tried very hard to ignore the Luka Magnotta news event. His acts & its coverage were a level of fucked up that staggers the imagination.

For me, it came to a head while visiting with my grandson during the hunt for the suspect. It doesn’t necessarily bother me that the CBC aired a discussion of the fabled snuff film genre during the daytime, I simply never thought I’d see the day, if you know what I mean.

This webcomic [dead link] illustrates my thoughts on the monster that our media culture, & specifically the news, has become.

Fame should not be an end unto itself, yet it is.


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cbc_radiooneCheck it out! I was quoted on the CBC: Know Your Rights blog. It’s an opinion regarding a hypothetical limit to freedom of expression in a classroom; I’m not saying my opinion’s best, but it makes sense to me.

Hey, after 133 episodes (& counting) of OpinioNation, y’all should be accustomed to me spewing my opinion all over the place.

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Most touching comic book/comic book scene.

*This entire post is a spoiler.*

I get emotionally invested in stories very easily, whether a song, movie, essay or comic, & with a variety of subject matter. There are scenes & stories that have great universal appeal. This isn’t one of those.

I was coming to the end of Seth’s George Sprott 1894-1975. It had been a sentimental read, from fictional Sprott’s youthful arrogance to his pensive & ever-sleepy elder years. I had just turned from the Epilogue, where a devoted fan & memorabiliaist lamented:

“I googled George the other day & got only one hit. Nobody under 40 even knows his name any longer.”

…& was met with a spread announcing ‘The End’ as a graphic design element that seemed more glamorous than anything that had come before, as is common, IMO, with old films.

I don’t know what I had expected with one more page-turn, but the penultimate spread of the book was a comic strip version of the end of broadcast day footage, called Sign Off; every Canadian TV station had their own. From the opening “This concludes…” to the first line of O, Canada, I heard that fatherly, gently authoritarian voice read to me. Powerful stuff.

I skipped right past the final credits spread & was again blown away when met with the interior back cover – SMPTE colour bars!

The sign off & colour bars together took me right back to being a kid in pre-cable small town Ontario. It was an incredible comics moment that I’ll never forget.

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RE: MP Patrick Brown’s Response to My Concern Regarding the CBC

I’m a member of the Friends of CBC website. I recently sent FoCBC’s form letter regarding my concern for CBC’s reduced (& eventual de-) funding.

My local MP, Patrick Brown, replied; it is included below. My response is first, cuz I’m vain like that.

Dear Mr Patrick Brown,

Thank-you for authorizing your assistants to send me this form letter with the linked PDF of the CBC’s relationship with ‘Friends of CBC.’ It outlines something I already knew. Interestingly, the Minister of Heritage, appointed by Your Boss Harper, is the one calling for the defunding of CBC.

Also interesting is how you, Mr Brown, are eager to quote CBC’s distancing from the ‘Friends of CBC’ while Boss Harper is distancing himself from democracy. Sir, you are young, good looking & popular, & I am ashamed to have you, the local representative of a would-be tyrant, currently represent me in the Parliament Boss Harper holds in such little esteem.

My question: What’s it like to have Your Boss Harper think you are irrelevant? I look forward to your answer.

~William Brian MacLean
Voter in Barrie

The Patrick Brown Campaign correspondance this was a reply to:

subject Re: Protect and enhance the CBC, not tear it down

Dear William,

Patrick Brown is a staunch supporter of the “Canadian Identity” over our airwaves and is well known for standing up to support local TV (like A channel Barrie). The CBC does continue to enjoy significant funding from the Federal Government to provide quality programming for Canadians.

Our campaign has received a number of these ‘form’ letters from the “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting”. I believe it is imperative that you as a concerned Canadian understand that this organization is not supported by the CBC. On the contrary, the CBC has completely disassociated themselves with this organization and is warning people to be mindful of their ‘fundraising activities’.

Please follow this link to view a letter from the CBC to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage on this group.

http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/media/20110322-e.pdf (EDIT: the link disappeared 2012-04-29)

All the best,
Patrick Brown Campaign

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