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The Innocence of Religious Riot Victims



“We don’t think that depictions of the prophets are freedom of expression; we think it is an offense against our rights.” ~ Ismail Mohamed, a religious scholar in Egypt, as per NYT

Bullshit – your religious rights end where begins my right to live without a second thought to your religion.

But the linked NYT article has insight into the Middle East’s riotous reaction to ‘that video‘ (The Innocence of Muslims). Apparently, it’s widely believed in the Muslim world that Holocaust denial is illegal in America. In that light, their outrage is understandable (though not the level of violence). They are genuinely confused & angered that an insult to Mohammed stands while the questioning of an historical event does not.

Sound familiar? They’re as ignorant of us as we are of them. In this case, they’re confusing America with Germany.

They’re also confusing their contrived legends with rational human behaviour (although many of us do the same).

An acquaintance holds the opinion that, despite freedom of expression, “there is no wisdom in mindlessly offending people.” That, & “no one is going to be enlightened by this film.” There’s wisdom in both statements, but that doesn’t mean they always apply, or even that they’re always true.


I think that, when there are uptight people who are so insecure in their thoughts & opinions that they must take the heads of anyone who disagrees with them, I would say that there is duty to offend. People need to face their fear of nonconformity & get over their sinfully selfish desires.


I also wouldn’t call the film mindless offence, but mindful offence; the deception of the actors was too deliberate & elaborate to be anything but. Salman Rushdie has his opinion – “outrageous and unpleasant and disgusting” – but that also describes Hostel, which was all of those things, but also fine, emotive storytelling.

Art as a Tool for Enlightenment

Whether art or empty entertainment, there is plenty of work in the world that shocks rather than enlightens. Remember, Uwe Boll has a career.

All I can really say is that some people want to eat baby cows that have never seen the light of day, some want to penetrate willing sphincters, & some want to mock deities & their flocks (*ahem* speaking of ‘mindless’). This is all allowed in a free society.


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Fun with Self-Mockery

Broken Glasses: Ain't This Messed Up

Broken Glasses:
Ain’t This Messed Up

Broken Glasses: Douchebag

Broken Glasses:

The lulz never end. In today’s edition, it’s a strip of titanium that messes with my head; specifically, the right-hand Silhouette temple piece.

It snapped.

I’m not talking about the plastic pins that go through the plastic lens. A strip of titanium folded without any help from me, then fell apart. (Product history: The pins were once a weak point after the lens material–the previous weak point–was strengthened, which was fixed when consumers regularly claimed warranty repairs after over-estimating overall strength b/c the metal parts were ‘so tough.’)

Broken Glasses: Creepazoid

Broken Glasses:

Broken Glasses: Sexy

Broken Glasses:

It started yesterday, mid-afternoon, when my glasses kept going crooked on my face, & I needed to repeatedly adjust them.

They haven’t suffered any recent trauma (or any significant trauma, ever), so the strange, obtuse-angled fold confused me. It that shouldn’t have folded at all. B/c, you know, titanium.

I bent it back into place with my fingers (another feat that shouldn’t have been possible – it’s freaking titanium!), then put them to my face. I still had a hold on them when the temple piece disintegrated on that spot.

My optometrist’s staff assured me that, despite the material, I was lucky to get this lifespan out of my frames (purchased in ’03). I said I understood, in terms of lesser materials. Titanium is as strong as steel–& these strips are thin–but they don’t corrode, & witnessed/caused no previous damage. There is, as yet, no good explanation as to why the temple piece failed.

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A 9-11 Tribute

They're countless. COUNTLESS, I say!

They’re countless. COUNTLESS, I say!

If you’re a regular reader, I wonder whether you’ve thought at least once, “Does this guy ever self-censor?” Answer at the bottom.

Today, I find myself wearying of 9-11 tributes that reference the ‘countless’ related deaths since the event.

Uh, I’m certain they can be counted. It was only 11 years ago; there was an established number of people in the buildings & planes, an established number sent to war, & an established number tallied as ‘former’ enemy combatants. Except for that last one, we have records detailing the loss of life, so there is little in the way of ‘countlessness.’

It’s not like we’re trying to approximate the number of people God (the prick) ordered killed in the Bible.

To Be a Screenshot

To Be a Screenshot

As promised, the Answer: Yes, but usually it’s changing passive verbs to active, & culling clichés. For better or worse (b/c sometimes a cliché is necessary, dammit), my internal filter has long since exceeded its lifespan. It was a workhorse while it lasted. And…

To be a passive verb or not to be, motherfucker.

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Is Good Marketing Wasted on Bad Art?

Looking for a Gallerist - Not Really a Plan

Sign shot on Tenth Avenue in Chelsea.
Photo: Sid Garrison on Facebook
via Mark Pollack on Blackberry
via Joanne Mattera on Blogspot.ca

This is my response to the idea that “99% of ‘artists’ have no business being in the vocation of creating fine art.” I know many visual artists & musicians with similar views. (NOTE: This is heavily based on a comment I made on Cory Huff’s The Abundant Artist; I returned to it when another artist ‘liked’ it.)

The idea that good marketing is wasted on bad products, & therefore unethical, came up during my college days (graphic design).

The effective marketing of a mass-produced bad product gets that bad product off the market faster. Sure, many may buy the product once, but no one buys it a second time if it sucks.

Now apply the same rule to a fine artist’s work. Is it up to a certain standard? Maybe, maybe not. With good marketing, many may see it, but few might buy. We could argue that it’s always the case that ‘few’ buy, & the concern is whether it’s few enough to discourage an artist. Perhaps, rather than poor sales causing an artist to abandon art, it influences a rethink of style, statement, medium, etc.

There’s a lot of art in the world. I doubt I’ll ever see most of it. While there is some value to gatekeeping, the idea that one sensibility should rule any medium is bullshit.

Should I really be restricted from seeing any particular piece, artist or style b/c of one arbitrary opinion? That’s where marketing comes in. There’s no crime in viewing something you don’t like (contrary to those who want to live without ever being ‘offended’). If I don’t like it, no harm no foul.

It’s easy to forget that the art world was wrong about van Gogh during his lifetime, & personal taste is as diverse as people. What is a standard, anyway? As the audience, my standard is most important. Live & let live; we all deserve the opportunity to speak regardless of another’s arbitrary rules. (Hello, Internet!)

And if some of us waste our money (on either marketing or bad art), well, it’s a free country.

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These Are the Mikes I Know I Know, These Are the Mikes I Know

Michelangelo. Such a common name.

Michelangelo. Such a common name.

Met a new Mike yesterday. I know – big whoop, right? I’m usually terrible with names (this has improved with medication).

In struggling to remember his, my thought process was

Is it ‘Mike’? Maybe – there are a lot of Mikes out there. But… naw – I know so many Mikes that that’s just what comes to mind; it’s gotta be something else.

Low & behold, upon second meeting, his name’s Mike.

My explanation of this thought process was good for a laugh. I’m relieved he had a sense of humour about it after I remembered two other new names, then recounted another anecdote.

I good friend whom I previously worked with named Mike always swore that he would gather all the Mikes, Michaels, Mitchels, Michelles, Mikaylas, Michels, Micahs, Miguels, Mickeys, Micks, etc., & take over the world.

Could the Marys be our saviours (Marie, Maria, Molly, Miriam, Mariel, Moira, Mariquita, Marjan, Maureen, Mimi, Marilyn, Mia, Marlene, Mariska, Marigold, Rosemary, Annemarie, etc.)?

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Humour When Drunk

How's your glass?

How’s your glass?

If you’re like me (I feel sorry for you), your sense of humour changes dramatically when drinking.

Once upon a time, I went into a DVD rental outlet with a buddy after a few drinks. I spend my brief time there reconceptualizing the film titles.

Out loud.



I was asked to leave. Upon our exit, I was chuckling (not so quietly) & my friend was apologizing for me.

Since I’ve been drinking this evening, that story is hilarious. When sober, I’m mortified.

Why did I share that? Tomorrow I get to blame it on beer.


The Truth!


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Lichtenstein Strip: A Follow-up

Me & fellow cartoonist/good acquaintance Leanne Riding had a brief FB/Twitter convo about my previous OpinioNation, Lichtenstein: Recontextualisation, Attribution & the Soul of Art. [dead link]

With her blessing, I distilled & cartooned it. (Check the bottom LH corner of Panel 2 for my homage to Leanne’s webcomic, Pillows: Homeland.)


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