I know I’m breaking the ‘blogger rules’ for building an audience, but this isn’t an infoblog. There is no overarching theme. I am an expert in nothing but my experiences.

I’m an artist with a big opinion & a bigger mouth who happens to struggle with invisible disabilities. All of that spews forth here; I can only write about what I feel like writing about.

The artist: cartoonist, scriptwriter, illustrator & musician.

The media: (‘fine’ art & comics) pen & ink illustration; (writing) biography, autobio, fiction; (music) acoustic guitar & voice, electric lead guitar, bass.

The person: contrarian, Devil’s advocate; kind of an asshole, with a heart of gold in a Neil Young kinda way.

– – – – –


OpinioNation © 2010-2012 Wm Brian MacLean

LEGAL NOTICE: These strips are works of opinion. All names, likenesses, characters, places & incidents are products of the cartoonist’s imagination or used opinionatedly. Resemblances to any real person who ever existed, likewise any location or any event, is entirely coincidental.

(The collection series entitled) Anx © 2011-2012 Wm Brian MacLean (with any collaborators); the works included in Anx have various copyright dates, i.e. © 2007-2012 Wm Brian MacLean (with any collaborators)

– – – – –

Self-portrait w/ Coffee, 2012

The author enjoys his morning coffee.


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