Star Trek / Magic the Gathering Mashup

Here’s a gag that, without explanation, appeals to a niche audience.

Beebles is a race of characters from the Magic the Gathering trading card game. A friend has referred to MTG as chess & poker combined, “but more fun” (don’t shoot the messenger bro).

The various iterations of the Beebles characters reference a wide range of fandom, from Peter Pan to Futurama.

I think Bouncing Beebles is a reference to the Star Trek episode ‘The Trouble with Tribbles.’ And so, when my local comics & gaming shop Jack’s on Queen had 28 Bouncing Beebles cards in the drawer & a Star Trek GN on the shelf, the above photocomic became a compulsion (don’t sue me bro).

The link also features an animated .gif, my preferred expression of this idea. But this companion static image version is my obligation, because COMICS!

Shout out to Nathan Agar for his help sorting the cards.


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