Pacifistic Rimshot


Oh, no! The Jaegers are attacked from behind by… um, are those
Orson Scott Card‘s characters as they play ‘Buggers & Astronauts’?

Pacific Rim beat Shogun Warriors to film. Whether you think this is a good thing depends on how crappy you like your movies.

On one hand, Pacific Rim is fun. How can you go wrong with Shogun Warriors fighting a series of Gojiras? I’ll tell you.

P-Rim is a disgustingly transparent reinforcement of patriarchy. The lone significant female character (out of the two women with speaking parts, portrayed by Rinko Kikuchi) is painfully subservient. By ‘painful,’ I don’t just mean to watch; her subservience (which she explains away as ‘respect’) is painful to her.

There are a few bright sides, though. One is that she kicks the main warrior dude’s butt (Charlie Hunnam). Another is that gender collaboration isn’t a big deal (they share memories; so too, I assume, memories of desire & intimacy; it’s nice to see this kind of lack of fear of otherness in a mainstream flick). And this world is post-nationalist, which makes sense when under planetary threat.

Of course, the Americans save the day, with notable help from a hardline libertarian/anarcho-capitalist (i.e. criminal, played by Ron Perlman), but it’s okay b/c he dies. (Did I spoil that? C’mon – he’s a baddie in a Hollywood film; you knew he was going to eat it.) [EDIT: Or so I thought! That’ll teach me to leave before the post-credits in a non-Marvel movie.]

So, the Incredibles, inspired by the Fantastic Four, beat the FF to the cinema… & outdid the real FF films on all levels. Conversely, a Shogun film has the potential to out-class P-Rim, b/c it’s easy to rise above this; Pacific Rim is so bad, it must be easy to outdo.

P.S. I await the Man of Steel vs Pacific Rim ‘collateral mortality count’ meme. By Internet timescales, the mockery of MoS for its casualties in comparison to The Avengers is old news. My opinion is that Supes’ bystander death toll is tame beside the deaths caused by the actions of P-Rim’s Shogun Warriors knockoffs.

Judgement: Pacific Rim is not worth another viewing unless drunk. It isn’t bad enough to watch with irony.


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