Sketch Cover: Hulk Did the Mash

Hulk Did the Mash, a sketch cover by Wm Brian MacLean

A few friends encouraged me to embraced my childhood love of superheroes & do a sketch cover.

But who can be bothered to just draw a pose? I mean, maybe I could bring myself to submit to the drudgery, but only with many beers before, during & afterwards.

And so, I hope you enjoy this mash-up of the best Thes I could think of: The Honeymooners, the Monster Mash & The Indestructible Hulk.

I learned a little something about Marvel’s sketch cover comics. The past few months have seen me eschew white-out in favour of an artist’s knife. Peeling away a layer of Bristol board to make corrections isn’t perfect (nothing is), but pigment doesn’t soak into white-out–before it dries, I smear it more often than not when inking a strip–and white-out doesn’t soak into the paper anyway.

But sketch cover illustration paper doesn’t peel worth a damn, & correction fluid works like a dream (nice & smooth, though pigment still smears if I’m not careful). I’m glad to learn this the first time out, but it would have been useful information going in.



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5 responses to “Sketch Cover: Hulk Did the Mash

  1. greengorilla3000

    Haha this cover is too funny. You should try and do some funny Hulk comics. Keep it up!

      • greengorilla3000

        No problem. Thanks for the follow on my blog. But assuming your a hulk fan like me you should check out my hulk blog:

        I’ll be expecting more drawings from you.

        • Green Gorilla… Green Fists… so, what’s your favourite colour? ;)

          Diggin’ the Hulk blog – very cool! A friend keeps promising to loan me his collection of Peter David’s 12-year run of Hulk comics, which I’m very much looking forward to.

          More sketch covers will come over the next few months; can’t promise Hulk in the near future (variety is the spice of life), but if I’m HULK SMASHed by another idea, you will see it here!

          • greengorilla3000

            Actually green is not my favorite color. But it is second place.

            If you ever read those comics let me know what you think.

            And I understand I probably won’t see any hulk anytime soon. I’m an artist as well and I can understand how you can never know what you will make based on your mood and interests at the time.

            Just don’t stop drawing!

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