Unintentional Plagiarism, or You Can’t Possibly Read/Watch Everything

Community's Britta says 'baggle'

Community’s Britta says ‘baggle’

Many creators end up, at one time or another, “inventing” something that already exists. Knowing this doesn’t prevent the feeling of embarrassment that comes with producing something that seems, if not plagiarised, at least derivative.

In my previous webcomic, OpinioNation, I poked fun at myself and a couple of friends in one strip for the odd pronunciations each of us has for certain words.

Sarah says “ben” for “been.” Mike says “cue-pon” for “coupon” (my Mom and brother do the same; strangely, I don’t… or I don’t think I do).

According to Amanda, I say “baggle” for “bagel.” Of course, I don’t quite believe her, but the teasing she dishes out is a running gag between us, and so into a strip it went.

Thus, when I recently watched the episode of Community with the airdate of 2010-03-04 which featured the teasing of Britta for the same pronunciation quirk, I literally facepalmed.

So much for originality.


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