Atheism Humour – COMICS!

Hey there! RoosterTree has a new strip up featuring Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Bertrand Russell, his teapot, a misquote about said teapot (by Stephen Fry from an interview with Craig Ferguson – 19m49s), and a Star Wars double entendre.

It’s been a while since I posted a strip. You might not even know I started a new title called Distractionism (on New Years Day, when I ended OpinioNation).

The posts have been sparse. This will change. I didn’t forget about my blog, but I lacked the motivation (or the drive, or whatever you want to call it). That’s a by-product of depression, and I’m taking steps to handle it.

One step was to make myself responsible for a regular schedule for new comic strips. This is more difficult that it seems, if you don’t have the same experience. There’s a rush that happens when a deadline looms, then a crash after posting the new work. Ditto making comics for anthologies, with a crash after submission. Like a drug.

I used to experience the same effect in my music days – the buildup going into a gig, then at least a full day of lethargy afterwards. Back then, I had the controlling influence of a day job (getting to work is a kind of deadline, with the expectations of an employer and co-workers), as well as the support network of my fellow musicians (who had their own expectations).

Without work, without a band, I had a void. There are several things I’ve done to mitigate this; some worked, some didn’t. It’s trial and error, like the scientific method. The investigation into my illness rolled the same way. But enough about that; I’ll share more when/if the mood strikes.

Distractionism publishes every 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. It works for me–for now; the deadlines are regular, but not too regular (the day of the week changes almost every month (March gets difficult after its Ides).

I hope you enjoy this recent, atheism-themed comic strip, check out previous Distractionisms, and return for more.


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