American Right-Wing Delusion Continues

American flag-cum-distress call, by boozker on deviantArt

American flag-cum-distress call, by boozker on deviantArt

I speak of hard line, right-wing Americans. If socialized health care was a freedom-ender, America would be alone in the developed world (a map!).

Of course, America’s using drones to kill kids overseas (176 in Pakistan alone), killing their neighbours at disgusting rates, torturing suspected combatants, and imprisoning citizens in higher quantities than in dictatorships (#1, baby), so they’re already alone.

But Jim Harris of DeKalb County, Illinois, is an intellectual bubble-occupier of a frightening kind. He’s hanged his American flag upside-down since the re-election of President Obama. In fact, he expected to be vilified for this, b/c he does seem to see it as an extreme form of political speech.

The best part? This right-wing rebel’s self-defeating statement, as he tried to explain that his dislike of Obama wasn’t about birtherism, Muslimism or racism:

I would have happily voted for Herman Cain.

Dude, that doesn’t make you politically savvy, critically diligent, or colour blind. It makes you stupid.

Also, I lied; that was only the second best part. The best part is:

(His daughter) voted for Obama.

(Moment of quiet contemplation.)


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