The Practical Joke that Wasn’t

Practical Joke by naolito on deviantArt

Practical Joke by naolito on deviantArt

Practical ‘jokes.’

I’ve often wondered when a practical joker would pick the wrong victim & get killed. The worst I’ve seen thus far is an unintentional punch in the face (youtube).

I should qualify that as ‘deaths that were framed as practical jokes.’ There are plenty of people in the world without a strong sense of self, or with oversensitive egos, who react badly to being shamed or otherwise played for a fool.

As practical jokers retaliate for pranks played on them, do revenge shootings, or revenge infidelities with a lover’s BF, parent or sibling, qualify as extreme forms of the practical joke?

Those who champion the Darwin Awards as a serious idea (I’ve met some) should enjoy this result or be considered hypocrites. Every action has a reaction equal to that which preceded it. For most, the reaction is a steeling of the mind & adjusting one’s worldview against another, similar incursion.

Not so for Jacintha Saldanha, whose suicide is not entirely unexpected to anyone who has paid the slightest attention to the worst results of psychological abuse. She was not a teen, but age is neither an indicator of wisdom, nor grace, nor emotional fortitude.

Trusting people have a weakness in a devious world (PDF); to bully or otherwise take advantage of the weak is an ethical crime.


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