Security: Impossible?

Image by Foxyjoy at deviantArt

Already we’ve cybered ourselves into a new Wild West. I think we’re on the brink of a new Dark Ages.

Imagine living in a ‘house of the future present,’ where all of your appliances are connected & interacting, so your life can run more smoothly than it used to. Do you truly have less stress, or do you sweat that your thermometer might offer a hacker access that ultimately compromises your bank accounts?

(A)fter the US Chamber of Commerce fixed its systems, a printer in one of its offices randomly started printing Chinese characters, and the group discovered that a thermometer in a chamber-owned apartment was communicating with an I.P. address in China.” (emphasis added)

That was after a monthslong cyberattack, & it took the help of the FBI to solve it. Feel safe yet? Read that article on the most recent Black Hat conference for a healthy dose of reality.

(I) covered up my computer’s Web camera with a piece of masking tape — a precaution that invited ridicule from friends and co-workers who suggested it was time to get my head checked. (Later,) I removed the webcam tape — after a friend convinced me that it was a little much — only to see its light turn green a few days later, suggesting someone was in my computer and watching.”

Whoops. I have mine covered. That article goes into various ways you can secure your passphrases (we now live beyond the world of the effective password).


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