Illustration as Problem Solving

Jillian Tamaki blogged recently about talent versus follow-through, determination as the key factor in becoming a professional illustrator, & the difference between drawing & illustration. The idea I liked most:

I actually think that most people don’t realize or think about the difference between Drawing and Illustration. They think they’re the same. They’re not. Drawing is an act, whereas Illustration (as I define it) is a profession. Illustration *can* involve drawing (it can expand beyond drawing too, obviously), but it’s actually the act of thinking and problem solving. (emphasis hers)

Many self-criticisms swirl in my head after reading her post, but I do readily identify with the above paragraph; thinking & problem solving are my favourite parts of writing & conceiving stories for comics, before the slog of editing, then sweating over a drafting table.

(The slog is worth it, BTW.)

Via Jess Smart Smiley


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