Human Trafficking Laws Don’t Just Target Sex Traffickers

JusticeSome quotes from this excellent Jezebel article by Robin Hustle, editor of the Land Line.

“Pretty much everyone agrees that most trafficking involves forced labor that isn’t sexual. Of course, farm workers and factory workers aren’t as, you know, sexy as sex workers, and sex sells legislation, too.”

“Pimping laws already target the wrong people. By law, a pimp is anyone who gains from the earnings of a prostitute. Like the husband of a prostitute. Or the kids of a prostitute. Or the roommate of a prostitute. Pretty much anyone who’s crashed on my couch or let me buy them a drink is a pimp by that definition.”

“The criminalization of prostitution is the biggest hindrance to fighting sexual exploitation.”

I contend there is more dignity in giving a hummer to the ugliest, reasonably groomed person you’ve ever met (ie. needs to be legal, in a safe environment, where the performer enjoys her/his human rights) than there is in cleaning other people’s piss, puke & shit for minimum wage.


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