The Only Sex Crime


This sex crime is that paid sex is a crime.

I’ve paid for sex: see this gray hair? That’s my receipt for paying time & heartache. In that way, we all pay.

Do you have too much self-respect to ever have a partner who wouldn’t spent his or her hard-earned money on you?

Ever held out your hand to your Significant Other & said “I need X dollars to pay Y bill”?

Ever sat up after a post-coital cuddle, collect a stack of $20s from the bedside table, thank him or her & ask for a call the next time they’re in town?

What’s the difference? Answer: semantics.

(For the record, anything in the realm of ‘forced sex’ isn’t a ‘sex’ crime; there’s nothing ‘sex’ about it. That’s a crime of violence &/or personal impotence expressed as profane intimacy, a heresy against an individual’s rights & freedom.)


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