Art Can Be Therapy

Don Bray - I Am Myself

Cover art for Don’s latest album

Saturday night we celebrated Don Bray‘s 60th birthday. He shreds the acoustic guitar like few I know. He has a CD release coming up on Nov 4th; if you’re in Toronto, treat yourself.

It was good to see many people I hadn’t seen in a while – musicians, artists & friends alike. I was glad to meet up again with a rep for a youth abuse-recovery group (I hope that’s a respectful, acceptable term), where some of my work seems to resonate, to perhaps help their clients deal with the past by telling their stories.

B/c art can be therapy.



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4 responses to “Art Can Be Therapy

  1. It sure can! :-) (Has Don ever told you his “songwriting is not therapy” story? — not his words, another guy) It was great to have you here last week — hopefully again soon!

    • It was Don’s story that inspired that line! I couldn’t resist making reference to it.

      Visiting with you guys is always a pleasure. Thanks again for your hospitality.

  2. Hey Brian – Great to see you, too! And you’re right…art CAN be therapy…the very best kind :))) Hope to see you at the release on Sunday. Keep well. A.

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