The Springwater ‘Autumn Equinox’ Studio Tour

I admit I was not relishing the idea of My SGAA Tour Displayearly mornings this past weekend, but the payoff was huge (coffee, bagels & doughnuts helped).

I got to hang out with Mike Guilbault & Lisa Harpell for two days & talk about art, marketing, philosophy, direction & innumerable other topics. I left with increased knowledge, a couple of potential leads, & some story ideas. I could not have asked for a more positive experience.

I also made my first sale!

But my proudest moment was showing Lisa’s eight (I think) year old son how to draw ‘easy’ hands. He has school chums who make comics, & he expressed mild interest. When I asked if he’d like to take my sketchbook page with him, he was super casual about it, like ‘Sure’ with a shrug, but when it was in his hands I heard him say under his breath


I cannot overstate the reward of teaching something of value. I’d like to do more.



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