Fun with Self-Mockery

Broken Glasses: Ain't This Messed Up

Broken Glasses:
Ain’t This Messed Up

Broken Glasses: Douchebag

Broken Glasses:

The lulz never end. In today’s edition, it’s a strip of titanium that messes with my head; specifically, the right-hand Silhouette temple piece.

It snapped.

I’m not talking about the plastic pins that go through the plastic lens. A strip of titanium folded without any help from me, then fell apart. (Product history: The pins were once a weak point after the lens material–the previous weak point–was strengthened, which was fixed when consumers regularly claimed warranty repairs after over-estimating overall strength b/c the metal parts were ‘so tough.’)

Broken Glasses: Creepazoid

Broken Glasses:

Broken Glasses: Sexy

Broken Glasses:

It started yesterday, mid-afternoon, when my glasses kept going crooked on my face, & I needed to repeatedly adjust them.

They haven’t suffered any recent trauma (or any significant trauma, ever), so the strange, obtuse-angled fold confused me. It that shouldn’t have folded at all. B/c, you know, titanium.

I bent it back into place with my fingers (another feat that shouldn’t have been possible – it’s freaking titanium!), then put them to my face. I still had a hold on them when the temple piece disintegrated on that spot.

My optometrist’s staff assured me that, despite the material, I was lucky to get this lifespan out of my frames (purchased in ’03). I said I understood, in terms of lesser materials. Titanium is as strong as steel–& these strips are thin–but they don’t corrode, & witnessed/caused no previous damage. There is, as yet, no good explanation as to why the temple piece failed.


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