Reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The NWO Mordor Happy Meal, by snaphappy7530

The NWO Mordor Happy Meal, by snaphappy7530 on DeviantArt

If only a World Order was benevolently designed, working for humankind’s betterment, a la some of our optimistic sci-fi, NWO might be a good thing. But no, everything in our world is about the power & wealth.

Say good-bye to your drinking water, affordable meds, & nicotine-free children. From

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is written to protect investors from government regulation, even if that regulation is passed in the public interest.

Leaked versions suggest the TPP would undermine protections for air and water safety and reintroduce measures from the US Internet freedom attack as well as steamrolling efforts to produce generic affordable medicines.

Worse still, lawmakers who fail to conform to the TPP’s rules face sanctions in an international tribunal — a place where corporations can sue us for deals previous governments signed in secret!

Negotiators say this is just a trade agreement, written to facilitate investment and profit for all. But the leaked draft imposes so many limits on citizen protections, it’s clear this “trade” agreement is skewed to put corporate profit above people’s needs — that’s not surprising since it’s been drafted in secret with almost 600 corporate lobbyists.

To trounce this human rights-killer, your voice is valuable, & the petition needs your e-signature.

While you’re at it, inform yourself…


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