A 9-11 Tribute

They're countless. COUNTLESS, I say!

They’re countless. COUNTLESS, I say!

If you’re a regular reader, I wonder whether you’ve thought at least once, “Does this guy ever self-censor?” Answer at the bottom.

Today, I find myself wearying of 9-11 tributes that reference the ‘countless’ related deaths since the event.

Uh, I’m certain they can be counted. It was only 11 years ago; there was an established number of people in the buildings & planes, an established number sent to war, & an established number tallied as ‘former’ enemy combatants. Except for that last one, we have records detailing the loss of life, so there is little in the way of ‘countlessness.’

It’s not like we’re trying to approximate the number of people God (the prick) ordered killed in the Bible.

To Be a Screenshot

To Be a Screenshot

As promised, the Answer: Yes, but usually it’s changing passive verbs to active, & culling clichés. For better or worse (b/c sometimes a cliché is necessary, dammit), my internal filter has long since exceeded its lifespan. It was a workhorse while it lasted. And…

To be a passive verb or not to be, motherfucker.


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