These Are the Mikes I Know I Know, These Are the Mikes I Know

Michelangelo. Such a common name.

Michelangelo. Such a common name.

Met a new Mike yesterday. I know – big whoop, right? I’m usually terrible with names (this has improved with medication).

In struggling to remember his, my thought process was

Is it ‘Mike’? Maybe – there are a lot of Mikes out there. But… naw – I know so many Mikes that that’s just what comes to mind; it’s gotta be something else.

Low & behold, upon second meeting, his name’s Mike.

My explanation of this thought process was good for a laugh. I’m relieved he had a sense of humour about it after I remembered two other new names, then recounted another anecdote.

I good friend whom I previously worked with named Mike always swore that he would gather all the Mikes, Michaels, Mitchels, Michelles, Mikaylas, Michels, Micahs, Miguels, Mickeys, Micks, etc., & take over the world.

Could the Marys be our saviours (Marie, Maria, Molly, Miriam, Mariel, Moira, Mariquita, Marjan, Maureen, Mimi, Marilyn, Mia, Marlene, Mariska, Marigold, Rosemary, Annemarie, etc.)?


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