Queer as Home Ownership

Emmett & Ted: kind-of fabulous; very gay

Emmett & Ted: kind-of fabulous; very gay

I’m a victim of time travelling humour.

Note that this isn’t humour about time travel, just a random sentence about a concept considered true at the time. Infallible, actually.

But when introduced to the line & its delivery after the concept was soundly debunked, this sentence’s earnest, plaintive appeal to rekindle a romance is really goddamn hilarious.

Seriously – I laughed so loud & long I scared my cats.

See, I’m nine years late watching season three of Queer as Folk (2003 airdate). The first season was really strong, but the second flagged, so I put off the third in favour of consuming other entertainment products. Anyway.

Of course, by 'gay' I mean zanily happy

Of course, by ‘gay’ I mean zanily happy

I don’t even need to set it up; your knowledge of the past decade will do the heavy lifting. From the end of Episode 4, ‘Brat-Sitting’:

Ted: I suggest we take Dear Abs’ advice & get our own place. A space big enough for you to feng shui your heart out. And or me to close the door & try & hit a high C along with Pavarotti if I want to. In fact, I was thinking of a house.

Emmett: A house?

Ted: With a backyard, & rooms or you to decorate.

Emmett: Decorate?

Ted: It’s the best investment one can make. And besides being a great deduction, it’s a proven hedge against inflation & an unstable economy. So, what do you say?

It’s like 2003 reached out & tickle fucked me till I pooped my pants.


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