Your New World Order Is Ready for Pick-Up

Julian Assange, the most dangerous man in the world

Julian Assange, the most dangerous man in the world

Assange: Isn’t it amazing that he’s both hero & villain for doing that which comes naturally to every two-year-old?

I’ve never been big on New World Order conspiracies. But if you wanted to make moot, then completely rewrite, international laws, forcing entry into an embassy to arrest someone would be a fucking strong first step.

The David Cameron government has indicated that it won’t respect Ecuadorean sovereignty over its embassy in London, according to a Reuters report.

Another quote of note… & worth ridicule:

“Under British law we can give them a week’s notice before entering the premises and the embassy will no longer have diplomatic protection. But that decision has not yet been taken. We are not going to do this overnight. We want to stress that we want a diplomatically agreeable solution.”

Yes, Britain wants a ‘diplomatically agreeable solution,’ as long as it wins.

Nostalgic for the good ol’ days of Colonialism, are we? Ah, but they’re late – former colony South Africa beat them to it.

Answer to what you thought was a rhetorical question in the opening line: Like a 2yo, Assange can’t keep a secret ;)


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