A Strip about My Eccentric Cat

I don’t do cuteness very well. OpinioNation is basically my vents about everything that pisses me off.

So a little cuteness is out-of-place. At the same time, maybe it’s a welcome change.

When I write my little one-to-six panel diatribes, I save them. I probably have enough now to do a new strip every day for a year without writing anything new.

I wanted to make one. But then a friend shared some Mother Nature & said

Go draw. (Just don’t touch anything you’re already working on.)

The wonderful detachment from reality that Mother Nature brought put this little script–an observation I made one day–in my sights.

Most strips take me a couple of days, b/c I have a hard time sitting still for any length of time. I mean, I barely make time to read these days, b/c there’s just no point. (This’ll change, but I don’t know when. I’m rolling with it.) How long did Strange Goddamn Cat [dead link] take?

Less than 3 hours, from blank sheet to scan-ready artwork.



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