A Metaphor for the Culture of Excess

This has been on my mind for a while.

When Occupy stormed through last fall, like many I was swept up in the energy & the potential to buck the status quo. As I began to get involved locally, I found a new kind of status quo.

It was at once more modest (simply at its scale of powerlessness), but scarier (believe it or not). What’s more frightening than a national war machine that demands battle then is cowardly enough to send other people’s children to die (or abandon their ethics) under its wheels?

Threatening phone calls from people you’ve shaken hands with, who live nearby. Such is the drug-like intoxication of immersing oneself in an ideology. Cults are not limited to the metaphysical.

Thankfully, OWS petered out. But it’s also a shame. We need a different system, but we certainly don’t need a change of overseer from one set of crazy ideologues to another.

Anyway, this strip [dead link] is my view of how the current set of cultural rules imbues a particular mindset on us average folk. I know I’ve succumbed to it at various times. I’ll wager you have, too; if you haven’t, you’re a much better person than me.


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