It’s All Relative

COMICS! ...about someone sleeping...

…about someone sleeping…

One man’s trash.

Is the glass half-full?

‘Aloof’ or ‘asshole’? ‘Slut’ or ‘naughty’?

Everything’s relative, based on your frame (short for ‘frame of reference’).

This might be a middle-age thing, but it’s something I began to realize nearly ten years ago: have you ever looked at yourself or across your personal history & realized that to some people your life was tame, yet to others you sailed the Seven Seas? It doesn’t come to mind very often, but it does come.

COMICS! ...about being in school...

…about being in school…

There were hints along the way; guys who said they wished they had learned guitar, or had & wished they were in a band; women who never dated musicians; guys who only dated strippers & amateur pornographers; women who insisted on open relationships.

I think freedom of choice & a healthy variety of personal taste is one of the great things about being human. Too bad we fuck it up so badly with biases taught by our elders & so-called ‘moral’ leaders, but I digress.

There was more here before a huge cut in text; it was too revelatory. Reiterating, to some I’ve been timid, to others I’ve ridden mighty oceans. There was a time I pathologically naval-gazed about it, but now I don’t think about it much; better to get on with living, holding to forward motion, maturity–what there is of it–& all that.


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