Part 1 of ‘Against the Idolators’

Everyone has a belief system of one kind or another. Despite the hype from radical religious quarters, atheism isn’t a belief system.

But that doesn’t mean atheists can’t have beliefs. Frex, I believe two fundamental things.

I may’ve said ’em before; I’ll prolly say ’em again.

  1. One has a right, not to an opinion, but to a considered opinion, especially if you’re vocal about it. It’s one thing to learn through the discussion of ideas, but to push them as doctrine or as fact without doing the least amount of weighing the cons of your position against the pros of the opposition, is not just foolhardy, but stupid.
  2. No one has the right to be offended by anything that does not inflict real damage. Before reaching your nose, swings have every right to be swung.

Nuff said.


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