Comics! Ageing Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Today I wish my lovely daughter a very happy birthday for the first year of her third decade, the year her double-digit age starts with a two.

As she enters her 21st year, I’m reminded of my own fairly recent milestone. But why stress over milestones, anyway? For her, this year is milestone only b/c we count in base-10 (this link’s an online kids’ counting game). The B+W strip I’ve attached here is my consideration of my own 40th milestone a couple of years ago, which compares base-10 to base-8 (a base-10-to base-8 converter) & base-12 (this link makes me angry), with a little help from cinematic friends inspired by Spielberg & Kubrick.

The funny part, the part I kick myself over, is that I’m late – & getting later – in giving a gift I promised her several years ago, that she knows is coming & knows I’m late on. It’s something I have to draw, & it keeps slipping my mind. 18 would’ve been the perfect year to give it, & now 20 would’ve been another ideal year.

Missed it again. *sigh*

Check out Wikipedia for more on octal & duodecimal systems. I’m no math guru, but the little I do know fascinates me.


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