TCJer Mocks Rob Ford, Atwood Signs It, Goes to eBay

Rob Ford T-shirt by Tom

Rob Ford T-shirt by Tom

[EDIT 2012-08-09: Fellow cartoonist Rachael Wells has informed me that the artist is Gerry Fournier; I’m left to assume Tom did the screen printing, or perhaps just the promotion. I hate being wrong.]

The title says it all. But you want details, amirite?

My fellow Toronto Comic Jammer, Tom (I’m bad with names, & don’t know his surname… which may be the way he prefers it on Teh Intarwebz), made a T-shirt that is more ‘news-item’ than mockery.

The story behind the shirt image

I describe it in journalism terms as it merely depicts, in cartoon form, an actual event. A resident saw Toronto mayor Rob Ford violating the Ontario Highway Act & called him on it.

Just as drawn, Ford flipped his constituent The Bird, & (allegedly) mouthed obscenities through his closed driver’s side window.

Atwood, by George Whiteside

Atwood, by George Whiteside

Enter Atwood

Margaret Atwood (if you live under a rock, she’s a lauded Canadian author) wrote one of my favourite books, The Handmaid’s Tale. A year ago, Ford’s brother & fellow GTA politician Doug declared “I have more libraries in my area than Tim Horton’s” (youtube) & that he would close libraries “in a heartbeat.”

In response, Atwood tweeted:

Noo, not running for Mayor.. too old. Used to think Too Ignorant, but that hasn’t stopped some. :D Appreciate the kind thoughts however!

‘Twas a much milder jab at government than I would have made… hmm, than I have made, actually.

But then, Ford the Younger spoke directed public insult by essentially saying, & I paraphrase, “Margaret Who?” Which is funny, b/c one perspective is that he actually insulted himself:

They don’t have to read Margaret Atwood, or like her, but to not even know who she is?  To talk about her as if she was nothing, a nobody, someone completely irrelevant??? Doug Ford was not just conveying ignorance of Margaret Atwood, he was conveying contempt, and his contempt for people who value books…

Fanado Logo

Fanado Logo

Onward eBay Soldiers

Atwood signed one of Tom’s shirts to auction off as a fundraiser for the Fanado mobile app. From the eBay post:

How do you top a RARE, one of a kind collectible caricature of Toronto’s affable Rob Ford? Get Margaret Atwood to sign it! …guaranteed to be the envy of all your friends, Facebook and real.

As of this writing, the leading pledge sits at $455. Nice job, Tom!


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