Moazzam Begg: No Charges, No Lawyer… No Crime?

This isn’t news, that extraordinary rendition & imprisonment without charge is near the top of the list of crimes against basic human rights.

Say what you will about Moazzam Begg & the rumoured suspicions about his ‘associations,’ he…

…insists he went to Afghanistan to open a school. After writing to his parents that he had no idea of what he was supposed to have done and was “beginning to lose the fight against depression and hopelessness”, he confessed to being part of a plot to spray the British Parliament with anthrax. Detainees do not get a lawyer unless they first plead guilty to a crime.

Begg’s confession has been the cause for hilarity in certain circles; among those who know how difficult it would be to come up with a pilot-less drone not to mention weaponised anthrax.

…excerpted from an editorial by Hassan Ali El-Najjar, Ph.D..

But even if he had committed the alleged crimes (noting he was released without charge), the bold text is the issue addressed in the strip. [dead link]


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