I Was Asked to Add an Ampersand (which I love)

Amper's And Tee by Pistol Clothing

Amper’s And Tee by Pistol Clothing

This is personally amusing. Your mileage may vary.

I’m doing some of the visual design for the SGAA’s upcoming studio tour. On the rack card, I made the date read:

Sept 22nd and 23rd

The group asked me to add the year, & there’s wisdom to that. The request came with a suggestion to swap the ‘and’ for an Ampersand, as the rack card has a limited width, & adding alphanumerics to the line results in a smaller point size for the font. And the date’s important; it must be at-a-glace readable.

Below, as a bit of self-effacing humour, I publish the email I didn’t send, which features my overwrought contemplation of the addition & the change.

I would argue against an Ampersand, as much as I love it & use it in my work. My prelude goes like this: The beauty of the written word is the variety of sizes of letters when there’s a mix of capitals & lowercase. All caps is very difficult for the eye to track & comprehend, & I generally stay away from all caps even in a headline unless it’s very short. This reasoning leads me to feel that an Ampersand between the dates, size-wise, competes with the size of the date numerals during just-a-glance comprehension. And we want that comprehension.

For the year, I would vote for adding it instead to the title, as part of the last line “…Studio Tour, 2012”, with the font size of ‘2012’ the same point size as the lowercase letters.

That logic leads, of course, to the idea that I can make the Ampersand the size of lowercase letters, making it glance-comprehensible & generally awesome, to which the year can also be awesomely added to the date line instead of the header.

In all of this, I will acquiesce to majority opinion.

Now you know part of why I fail to produce anywhere near as much work as I should. For the record, the date does end up in the header, & the Ampersand is at a reduced point size so the date remains nice & large.



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2 responses to “I Was Asked to Add an Ampersand (which I love)

  1. … and I must say that it looks awesome! I thoroughly enjoy your thought process to boot!

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