Has Satire Had Its Day?

This Is Satire

This Is not Satire.

When truth lines up with satirical/dystopian fiction, it takes another layer off the colour overlay that makes life beautiful.

On Monday, American General McCrystal outlined a concept for a universal, gender-indiscriminate 18yo draft that is equal parts brilliant & terrifying.

It’s a mindset that is the precursor to an America that works like Starship Troopers. Perky, plentiful & cheap 19yos ($15,000/yr + college tuition) can clean parks & schools, saving cities the cost of tired, jaded & expensive 50yo union employees (top base salary $106,329). Paid by gov’t, highschool graduates become cheap daycare & food delivery of elderly/ill shut-ins.

Libertarians can opt out, while also opting out of all social safety nets (mortgage guarantees, Medicaid, etc.). Oh, the money they’ll save! It comes with the bonus of S(ing)TFU small government-worshippers & stay-out-of-my-life-ers & don’t-tell-me-what-to-do-ers.

Between this & the privatized prison system, which makes much of its money by putting prisoners to work at near-slave wages ($0/hr for the first 6mos, ‘potentially’ up to $10/hr at 5yrs, but transfers between jobs, requiring new ‘training,’ stalls pay increases), those who regularly cry “Communism!” finally acquire some legitimacy. B/c that’s what this is. Personally, it feels strange to make the statement.

Satire Demotivator by logicdude

Satire: The Nipple of Comedy

All as a result of a deregulated banking/mortgage system that resulted in broke-ass cities. Basically, our elected Pooh-Bear officials are of such little brain they can’t find a better way to save money/spend efficiently.

Between Orwell teaching politicians the art of doublespeak (.pdf) & Oliver Stone creating the *ahem* inspirational Gordon Gekko (the reason many of our reckless economic gamblers aspired to the industry – “I recall looking at that film and saying, ‘That’s what I want to be,’ ” recounts the late hedge-fund manager Seth Tobias), maybe – just maybe – satirists need to cut it the fuck out.

Or at least make their satires less subtle?


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