The Foodie & the Birther

Brew Coffee not Hatred

Brew Coffee not Hatred

I feel disingenuous when I claim I’m not a foodie, kinda like how Mustaine says he has no doubt Obama wasn’t born in the US, but he’s not a birther. B/c I effing LOVE food, but I’m not a foodie.

Ask my partner; I moan when eating good food… but I’m not a foodie.

So, what’s with the single-sugar coffee? It tastes like nothing! For me, it needs one of two things.

It needs cream/creamer to reduce the acidity, but retain that distinctively dry, almost bitter unsweetened taste, or it needs to have a doubled-down sweetness.

I’m reminded of a saying I once heard:

There’s only one way to serve coffee: strong as Hell, black as Death, sweet as Love.

I lived by that for a long time, & still do, to an extent. But things change.

So, is there a point to eating if you can’t taste it? (Don’t say ‘to stay alive’; there’s no point to living without enjoyment.)

Is there a point to voting if there’s no good choice?

Lastly, can a more ridiculous comparison be made than that between foodieism & birtherism? *sigh*


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