Black Mould, SIDS & Inaction by CDC

This is my most thoroughly researched strip [dead link] thus far. The original webcomic post include(d) more links than represented here.

Journalist & author Arnold Mann has been reporting for 40 years, including cover stories for Time & USA Weekend. This strip is an anecdote from his most recent book, & goddamn it pisses me off (as do most topics I cartoon in OpinioNation).

Essentially, it’s about toxic black mould‘s possible connection to SIDS¹ & the lack of investigation on the part of The Centers for Disease Control. CDC’s inaction is a disgrace. This is a story that needs traction.


¹ – Notice point #8, & how these are all warnings about contact with others. The absence of any warning about chronic environmental issues is suspect:

Avoid exposing the infant to people with respiratory infections. Avoid crowds. Carefully clean anything that comes in contact with the baby. Have people wash their hands before holding or playing with your baby. SIDS often occurs in association with relatively minor respiratory (mild cold) and gastrointestinal infections (vomiting and diarrhea) (emphases mine)

A better checklist source I found still skirts the issue by covering associated topics like “having a brother or sister who had SIDS” (duh) & “living in poverty situations,” where lack of financial resources leads to a failure to regularly upgrade structures & moisture-creating appliances. The following excepts are all poverty-related: “being born to a teen mother,” “short time period between pregnancies” (indicating lack of birth control; thank-you, Catholicism), & “late or no prenatal care.”

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Note to self: Brian, you used the ‘Insert custom character’ function for the footnote, in part b/c this was a short post, but it was also dead easy. For future reference, when you require more footnotes in a longer post, see this article about making proper footnotes in WP.


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