Tim Horton’s & Canadiana

Tim Horton

Tim Horton, renown Maple Leaf (source)

Happy Canada Day! As a proud Canadian, I feel I have a duty to express my beef about a product that has a local reputation for its inherent Canadianness. But first, a quote from the propaganda video featured below:

There is a symbol that every Canadian soldier recognizes, & it always leads to something good.

Tim Horton’s famed drip coffee is now undrinkable. It didn’t used to be this way, but the implication is easy to make now that, to make Timmy’s palatable, the use of ‘flavour shots‘ is mandatory.

‘Flavour shots’ is a relatively new concept for Timmy’s. It was never necessary – the coffee was unparalleled. It had the reputation of being the franchise to buy into if you wanted a license to print money.

After a few years of dissatisfaction, I have an increasing number of friends who are migrating away from our once-beloved Tim Horton’s, not all of it due to taste. My partner’s brother asked a Tim Horton’s representative what happened, & the reply he received was ‘nothing has changed.’ The implication is that we the consumer has the problem. Nicely done, spokesperson; your coffee doesn’t taste bad, our tongues simply sense it wrong.

I can barely believe that, to get a decent cuppa joe from a corporate entity, we have to go through this notorious frankenfood-schilling animal rights abuser. That’s why I make mine at home for about seventeen cents.


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