Cunt, a True Story (almost)

Cunt - a (not quite) True Story

This is great, & much-needed,
pro-woman propaganda.
But that’s the problem…
it’s propaganda (i.e. untrue).

There’s no polite way to say this & produce the proper emphasis: Stateside, women’s Rights are being shat upon.

As a result, this post approaches the edge of political correctness, criticising a Feminist dogma that, if anything, needs more support. But to deserve unreserved support, it also needs to be true.

The origin of ‘cunt’ is disputed, but the claim of this Neil Patrick Harris meme, that Western use derives from Sanskrit or has the Hindu Goddess Yoni (Cunti) as its inspiration, uses a phonetic coincidence & an English loanword perversion as its raison d’être.

It’s nifty how words that sound cunt-like appeared independently in several world cultures. Its similarity to the name of a female creator of existence should be enough to make us rethink our biases.

I'll Be a Post-Feminist in a Post-PatriarchyShould be, but isn’t, b/c we’re stupid. We love our hatreds. We hold our resentments in our hearts (the mother who was too busy, the women who have better ideas, the wife whose children hug her unreservedly, the ‘girls’ who always say ‘no’ but it’s their fault for looking good).

Here’s how 2012’s understanding  of the loanword became twisted, or so it seems to me. There’s a supposedly anti-Globalist freethinking blogger with an unfortunate Euro-centric bias, who wrote a post in 2010 about an aspect of white Aryan greatness. (You can’t see me rolling my eyes, but can you feel it?) According to the author, the ‘Aryans’ who migrated into India waaaay back were white Europeans, ignoring the fact that, in Sanskrit, ‘aryan’ means ‘noble.’  British Colonialists, the invading ruling class of India, brought the term home to be adored by Europe’s lovely white Thinkers (& ultimately the Nazis – uh-oh – did Godwin’s Law just swat me? Anyway…)

War Is Menstruation EnvyIs s/he just another voice on the Internet? Who gives a toss about a lowly blogger? Alas, Google seems the hold the article as a highly-ranked source, likely due to being routinely linked–which I have done, too, dammit. *sigh*

Of the people who actually know things–or have certificates on their walls that make the claim–the likely origin of ‘cunt’ is thought to be proto-Germanic. But that’s disputed, as the Latin ‘cunnus’ & Sumerian ‘kunta’ have similar definitions & were half-decently local to Northern Europe; how well it’s disputed isn’t for me to say. For all I know, an overarching patriarchal ideology has manipulated the historical record (you can’t tell me parallels haven’t happened before).

hands heart vadge

Do these hands make
a heart or a vulva?

All that said, the ‘vagina-hating Patriarchy’ mentioned in the NPH meme is an accurate description of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) & the most popular of their iterations. If the proto-Germanic ‘kunto’ is indeed the origin, our ancestors adapted the term for vagina/woman–in their “wisdom”–into the most reviled word in modern English. It’s a significant point; ‘asshole,’ the place from whence excrement comes, is less offensive than that which gives birth (&, for most, makes love).

And American politics is pushing this gender bias into a similar rights-stripping territory that the Middle East currently ‘enjoys.’

~Just another voice on the Internet


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