Honesty vs Empathy… Ethics?

I didn't know I was supposed to lie.

I didn’t know I was supposed to lie.

“I didn’t know I was supposed to lie.” It’s the story of my life.

It’s that line between honesty & empathy (read: preserving another’s feelings), & the ethics thereof.

I was never a dogfucker. I literally could not bring myself to ‘look busy.’ Dogfucking – or, to give an employer or supervisor the fraudulent appearance that you’re productive – is one of the great bad ideas. B/c, somehow, not having anything to do is the employee’s fault.

I was the type to grab a broom; boredom is the great soul-killer, & sweeping, like lawncutting, is very Zen-like & pleasurable. I was also the kind to take longer breaks when we had to ‘make the work last.’ Of course, employers typically don’t like that, either, b/c if you’re being paid you should do something. Anything. Even if it’s dogfucking.


Communications, Energy and
Paperworkers Union of Canada
– Local 333

This was an aspect of union membership that I enjoyed. By being obligated to provide a 40-hour workweek when times are slow (with negotiated exceptions, which is reasonable), employers have extra incentive to hustle up new business.

The excuse that ‘there isn’t enough to do’ isn’t a legitimate excuse for a job creator to send people home early or cancel shifts at the last minute (often after you’ve shown up to work) any more than it’s an excuse for the job-filler who is only there b/c the employer provides the means to feed your kids & pay your rent.

You busy?


Then what am I paying you for?

You hired me to do a job, & you’ve failed. The floor is swept, the counters dusted, & I’ve taken as many pee breaks as I can squeeze drops.

Give me something to do & I will kick ass at it. But I won’t lie to you about how awesome you are that you hired someone who is willing to lie to you.

[EDIT: Wow – I went completely off-topic from the original concept behind the title. Sorry ’bout that.]


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