Everyone Thinks They Have a Children’s Book in Them



It seems, at least as my exposure suggests, everyone & their dog has an idea for a children’s book. NPR has promoted several in recent memory, & I have an increasing number of FOFs (friends of friends) who seem buoyed into the planning stage by this news.

“Kids books? Kids are easy to please – they aren’t even real people yet! Sounds easy!” (That’s me, imagining the imaginary thoughts of no one in particular.)

I can’t think of anything more foolish than underestimating the sensibility of a class of people whose minds are sponges for information, & whose bullshit detectors are more sensitive than they’ll ever be again. And yet…

A few months ago, during a visit with my grandson… BAM! Out of the blue, an idea for a children’s book hit me.

Knowing myself & my mature sensibility, I petitioned a good friend to collaborate. You know, to keep me on target for my intended audience (& the first time I’ve ever constrained myself by such a consideration). My friend Jives is a retired school teacher, like me is a grandparent of one, & when asked was completely into the project.

For a good 45 minutes, we spitballed concepts based on my framework. At least 10 decent bowls of porridge came & went before we had two that were just right.

And now I’m stuck. Not for inspiration; I’m weak on the nose-to-the-grindstone determination it takes to get the current — necessary — thumbnail stage out of the way, & I’m secretly hoping that mentioning it publicly, even in such a vague way, might be enough to kick my ass into gear.

I’ve never been good on longform projects. (Psst… ‘longform,’ to me, is 3+ pages; sad, eh?) Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Everyone Thinks They Have a Children’s Book in Them

  1. I have spent the past 13 years of my life reading children’s books to my children. I am so sick of being pressured into reading pointless drivel to my children. I don’t care if people keep writing these children’s books, but seriously, have a point. Teach the kids something meaningful. Teach the kids how to make the world a better place.

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