The Tragedy of Elvis that No One Learned From

This [dead link] was more fun to draw than usual (celebs always are).

Perception is money; money is the great lure; truth is sacrificed to ensure the lure’s status quo.

A musician becomes so famous that the only thing that brings any peace is sleep.

An actor must meet his contractual obligations, sleep be damned.

A boy, at his parents’ insistence (using the ‘tools’ of physical & psychological abuse), becomes famous so young that he develops no touchstone to reality.

A prepubescent girl is encouraged to parade as a sexual object b/c her mother didn’t fulfil her own dreams of hypersexualised stardom.

These should be crimes, but we love it. In complete ignorance, we love them. We emulate them. And when they reveal a human flaw, we cannibalise them & shit them out either as disappointing has-beens or as Christ-like sacrifices to our personal hopes & dreams.

Because we want fame & fortune, too, dammit, & we’ll make/leave our kids prone to get it.


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