Frienvy, aka Friend Envy

Green Hearts and Guitar, by LimpidD (from deviantArt)

I’ve known some great people over the years. Fellow musicians & artists, drinking buddies, informal mentors, lovers.

Something I thoroughly enjoy is when someone for whom I have real affection has a great opportunity become available b/c they’ve worked hard, have talent, are personable, or any combination thereof.

And in my congratulations, I came to recognise I felt envy for their just rewards, which I would express. Then the look on their face would change, & I’d feel obligated to over-explain how it was a ‘good kind’ of envy, a positive envy, & I was genuinely happy to hear the news.

What a relief to finally see this concept bearing out in psychological research.

Not all sins are created equal. Some will drag you down, but others will lift you up. Let’s prefer the latter; I do.



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2 responses to “Frienvy, aka Friend Envy

  1. I hear ya, this is the way it is, might be too much truth though…

    • Only b/c of the common understanding of some words, hence my overexplanation, which did seem to suffice (in most cases).

      And for when it didn’t, to my mind there was a preexisting lack of trust that became obvious, rather than my use of ‘envy’ that caused shit.

      S’what I tell myself, anyway.

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