Sad Bunny


Here it is, finally, the beginning of what may (should?) be a daily blog, inspired in great part by co-grandparent Ruby Diego (we have a grandson in common, as well as artistry), & in lesser part by several years’ barrage of artist-to-artist advice to make a daily blog. You might notice that my sentence structures are rarely as succinct as Ruby’s, likely to my detriment. Anyway…

Upon waking, my mechanical CPAP assistant fluctuated in its labour in a new but familiar way. As it revving its motor to push air more so, then less so, then more so again, it reminding me of a track from Sonic Youth’s Goodbye 20th Century… but not quite. When I had satisfied my ear in its not-quite-rightness, a pigeon outside my window matched my memory of Pendulum Music perfectly. Then I got up, foregoing an ongoing attempt to habituate a morning meditation in favour of a full bladder.

The lights went out, then on, then out & on & out once more as water splashed in front of me & down. I became immediately thankful I’d made my morning cuppa & my eldest cat fed, as Veronika’s refrigerated food needs a 6-9 second microwaving to make it palatable. I was thankful, too, that this week’s 2nd hydro outage in Elmvale was during daylight hours. I was not so lucky on Monday, when the power failed at roughly 4am as I was heading to bed. I brushed & flossed by the light of battery-powered laptop, then propped my upper body in a pseudo-seated position to minimise throat closure, as CPAP needs electricity to run. I barely slept in the hour & a half it took for hydro to resume, after which I slept fitfully, but for only four hours.

C’est la vie; c’est la vie, that’s just the way it goes, oh yeah.

Yesterday I delivered two newly framed pieces to Rob at The Conservatory, Elmvale/Springwater’s local gallery, prepared by Barb & Lisa at Carriage House (mad props to Carolyn for the mat advice). The other three of the set are promised as a résumé to a gallery in the GTA.

On the art front, I have two OpinioNations ready for scan/assembly. I’m also working on a cat illustration, playing with the colour scheme. I meant to do it first thing, but I needed hydro to finish it, so I sat down with David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, to see what it is that makes it worthy of filming, as I did a couple of weeks ago with Max Barry’s Orwell-photonegative Jennifer Government, & its brilliant “In yo FACE!” to Ayn Rand & Ron Paul (IMO).


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