Most touching comic book/comic book scene.

*This entire post is a spoiler.*

I get emotionally invested in stories very easily, whether a song, movie, essay or comic, & with a variety of subject matter. There are scenes & stories that have great universal appeal. This isn’t one of those.

I was coming to the end of Seth’s George Sprott 1894-1975. It had been a sentimental read, from fictional Sprott’s youthful arrogance to his pensive & ever-sleepy elder years. I had just turned from the Epilogue, where a devoted fan & memorabiliaist lamented:

“I googled George the other day & got only one hit. Nobody under 40 even knows his name any longer.”

…& was met with a spread announcing ‘The End’ as a graphic design element that seemed more glamorous than anything that had come before, as is common, IMO, with old films.

I don’t know what I had expected with one more page-turn, but the penultimate spread of the book was a comic strip version of the end of broadcast day footage, called Sign Off; every Canadian TV station had their own. From the opening “This concludes…” to the first line of O, Canada, I heard that fatherly, gently authoritarian voice read to me. Powerful stuff.

I skipped right past the final credits spread & was again blown away when met with the interior back cover – SMPTE colour bars!

The sign off & colour bars together took me right back to being a kid in pre-cable small town Ontario. It was an incredible comics moment that I’ll never forget.


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