Most annoying character.

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I could have cheated with this one – easily. The immediate possibilities were: any DC character inside canon; any character in an X-title in the 90s; anyone drawn by Rob Liefield.I told you cheating would be easy.

Instead, I’m going to go with a title that was not only a favourite of mine, but is still huge in fandom. And its main protagonist. The thing is, it’s not the character’s fault – it’s the writer’s, & he, too, is one I respect. Here we go.

Kirkman. The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes.

The annoyance & my resulting disillusionment came during TWD’s third TPB collection, Safety Behind Bars. Keep in mind I’ve only read it once, & it might flow better with another reading, though I suspect I’d expect the irritation & forgive it.

Grimes got overly talkative, & he was kinda lame when he did. Frex, this is his soliloquy from a single panel:

“So I guess it’s not an isolated thing – coming back without being bitten. I thought it might be. Julie turned pretty quick, but it took us hours to get you into the ground. So many damn questions. When I realized you might be at the bottom of that hole, alive – or whatever – I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
“I couldn’t sleep – knowing you were down there. Would you have left me? You were a good man, Shane. I don’t know why you did what you did… but you were a good man.”

Kinda kicks the shit out of the 25 (or Moore’s 29) words per panel rule. It’s a standard that I break, too – sometimes you need to have your say – but the dialogue’s out of control throughout the book.

Such a shame, too; the story is excellent. But I haven’t picked up the 4th installment, & it’s been… damn, I think it’s been three years or so since Alice-Ann at The Blue Beetle got me hooked on the title. Just flipping through this comic has me itching to read the further adventures of Grimes et al, so I suppose I will.

This concludes my criticism of IGN’s 2011 selection for 26th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time.


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