RE: MP Patrick Brown’s Response to My Concern Regarding the CBC

I’m a member of the Friends of CBC website. I recently sent FoCBC’s form letter regarding my concern for CBC’s reduced (& eventual de-) funding.

My local MP, Patrick Brown, replied; it is included below. My response is first, cuz I’m vain like that.

Dear Mr Patrick Brown,

Thank-you for authorizing your assistants to send me this form letter with the linked PDF of the CBC’s relationship with ‘Friends of CBC.’ It outlines something I already knew. Interestingly, the Minister of Heritage, appointed by Your Boss Harper, is the one calling for the defunding of CBC.

Also interesting is how you, Mr Brown, are eager to quote CBC’s distancing from the ‘Friends of CBC’ while Boss Harper is distancing himself from democracy. Sir, you are young, good looking & popular, & I am ashamed to have you, the local representative of a would-be tyrant, currently represent me in the Parliament Boss Harper holds in such little esteem.

My question: What’s it like to have Your Boss Harper think you are irrelevant? I look forward to your answer.

~William Brian MacLean
Voter in Barrie

The Patrick Brown Campaign correspondance this was a reply to:

subject Re: Protect and enhance the CBC, not tear it down

Dear William,

Patrick Brown is a staunch supporter of the “Canadian Identity” over our airwaves and is well known for standing up to support local TV (like A channel Barrie). The CBC does continue to enjoy significant funding from the Federal Government to provide quality programming for Canadians.

Our campaign has received a number of these ‘form’ letters from the “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting”. I believe it is imperative that you as a concerned Canadian understand that this organization is not supported by the CBC. On the contrary, the CBC has completely disassociated themselves with this organization and is warning people to be mindful of their ‘fundraising activities’.

Please follow this link to view a letter from the CBC to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage on this group. (EDIT: the link disappeared 2012-04-29)

All the best,
Patrick Brown Campaign


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