Comics! One Sense Two Cents #2

One Sense Two Cents: The Magic of Tolerance (click to enlarge)

G’day! The second crowdfunded strip is here for your perusal. This was prompted & patroned by L.T-A.

You can play, too – just follow the instructions:

  1. During the trial phase, you are strictly limited to four panels max.
  2. Choose a topic, as well as some possible titles for the strip. If it’s a news item, please provide a link; if it’s a general subject, please provide a link to a wikipedia article or similar. Basically, I will probably do a better job if I know what you’re talking about.
  3. The text for each panel should remain somewhere around or less than 25-29 words. As this is your opinion, you need to write something; it can be advice, a rant, a lecture, a conversation, or whatever you can think of (I will clean up grammar, spelling, etc, & tweak for flow).
  4. Supply a few personal reference photos, if you wish to appear as ‘you.’ Alternately, you can designate anything to speak for you in the strip – chopsticks, an animal or insect, a cloud, a car… anything. Your imagination is the limit. Also, there’s a certain poetry to depicting, say, a (flower? cellphone?) discussing the disappearance of bees.

You should also indicate how you want to be credited, as in real name versus pseudonym. Also, the prompter does not have to be the same person or entity as the patron, so if the patron isn’t you, you should mention who is.

With a donation, the patron will receive a hi-rez digital copy for non-commercial printing.
The Webcomic List
(I choose to believe this isn’t bad out of 18000+)


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