Comics! SpeakEasy Show; Reviews; Interview

OpinioNation original art

OpinioNation original art from ‘Harper & His World Stage‘ (top) & ‘Ashtiani

There’s been a lot of activity around here lately. Two new reviews of Lynchpin #1 have been posted – one by Elevate Difference & the other by Xerography Debt. As well, there is Elizabeth Barrette’s review of my new webcomic, OpinioNation.

I’ll be getting back into the public eye for an evening at Gladstone Hotel during SpeakEasy’s Annual Comic Book Show. It takes place on Thursday, November 4th, 2010. I’m nervous. I need a new hat.

I was interviewed recently by Lynn Alexander for‘s PRATE Interview Series. I usually don’t like talking about what I do too much, cuz it always feels like I’m overthinking or overanalyzing things, but it was nice to get some theories straight in my head.

I wonder if I’ll have Lynchpin #2 ready for the SpeakEasy show?


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