Comics! LYNCHPIN #1 – Indie Non-fiction


Depression does entirely stupid things to your decision-making process. Frex, I haven’t blogged since May – I didn’t even blog about releasing a goddamned comic of my very own or the totally sweet review it got over at Optical Sloth.

I’ve certainly been a larger dunderhead at points in the past, but that was noteworthy. Speaking of the review, here’s a few well-chosen snippets…

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this comic (which I thought would be in the “humor” pile by that cover) is a brutally honest take on sexual assaults on women. It was a horror story brilliantly told, and kudos to the man for putting it out there. I’m not sure what else this guy has up his sleeve but it’s pretty clear that he wants to try some new things, and I’m genuinely curious to see what he does next. This isn’t an easy read but is an important one, and well worth the effort to hunt down.

You can ask Miss Apple Pie – I glowed for several hours after reading this. And then it was back to work. LYNCHPIN #2 will be ready shortly, & I’ve been eking away at a webcomic which will be unveiled soon enough.

I’m currently redesigning both & – the RoosterTree ComicLit site is getting touched up & the comics’ descriptions rewritten, and my personal site is being completely overhauled.

I’m going to make a better effort to blog more often. Of course, it’s easy to make a promise like that with a belly full of BBQ wings & chocolate soy milk. Mm-mm-mm.


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