Dave Lapp at TCAF

Dave Draws Dick, a delectible dealio

I had an excellent time at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Day 1

As on most public outings, I was initially a shy, bumbling oaf (specifically Saturday). I had a brief, stuttering face-to-face with Chester Brown before he was *ahem* rescued from the annoying fanboy. When I realized this, I was, & remain, suitably embarrassed. *sigh* He was gracious & apologetic.

Dalton recommended Miss Apple Pie & I introduce ourselves to Dave Lapp. He signed our copy of Children of the Atom with a left-handed penis! Too friggin awesome!

Jim Woodring was also really cool to talk to. And such beautiful, flawless work! Anthro-pomorphic comics rarely appeal to me, but, after hearing him speak on Saturday & then meeting him, I must say I’m driven. This, of course, will be after I read every as-yet-unread book in my possession, which is why Dave Lapp’s book was our only trophy of the weekend.

Day 2

We spent Sunday exclusively at The Pilot. The highlight for me was speaking to Seth for a few moments about perhaps not stressing so much over lack of perfection, quite a humble notion from someone with such an exacting hand.

All in all, we attended several seminars over the two days, & were given a lot to consider. We’ll see what happens.


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