FCBD / The Eternals

*big strrrrrretch*

My very lovely & very pregnant daughter, K, just woke me up with a call from school. She’s a damn lucky kid in that all of her teachers but one modified her course structure to allow her to graduate before she pops in the middle of May. Despite loving The Walking Dead, she has continued to contend she’s ‘not really a comics person,’ & yet she’s surprised me by wanting to accompany me down to The Blue Beetle tomorrow & Free Comic Book Day.

FCBD this year is exciting for me in two ways; I get to see if any copies of Lynchpin #1 moved in its first week on the shelf (distro throughout Toronto/Mississauga happens next week), & I’ll get to meet a damned talented local artist (Ryan ‘something’).

– – – – –

I just finished reading The Eternals, by Gaiman & Romita Jr. We’re all somewhat familiar with the Brit’s minor talent in tale-telling (wink-nudge); I’ve been a drooler over JRJR’s artwork ever since his Daredevil run with Ann Nocenti back in the day; his work keeps getting better, in sharp contrast to a couple of my other 80s/90s art heroes (*cough*simonson*cough*byrne*cough*).


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