Saturday Night’s All Right

Pirate Banana, by Wm Brian Maclean (Mike Bryant's characters)

Pirate Banana; Wm Brian MacLean’s interpretation of Mike Bryant’s Internet radio serial characters

I was in Mississauga on Saturday evening, at Miss Apple Pie’s place. We had gone to Central the night before to check out the launch of Mike Bryant’s latest project, the internet radio show Pirate Banana. They performed a live reading of the 1st episode; they were great – we laughed & laughed.

I had my first apricot wheat beer & my first shot of Newfie Screech. I lost so much alcohol virginity that night I’m surprised my ass wasn’t tender for a week. But I digress.

Saturday night I used my brand new laptop batteries to their utmost. I was still breaking them in, so I took the PC outside with an expensive but stale cigar & worked on the RoosterTree website redesign (currently just two pages & a few tweaks away from completion).

At exactly 3:30am I heard the first birdsong of the day. By 3:50, the neighbourhood branches were lousy with non-Twitter tweets.

And at exactly 4 o’clock in the morning I heard some poor animal fight valiantly – & briefly – at the end of its life before becoming something’s breakfast.

Earlier, aroundabout midnight, MAP’s son made believe he’d dropped E in the rum we were drinking, to which I called bullshit; we’d been drinking for over an hour with no unexpected effects. Funny-strange, then, that, as I was packing up at 5am (as the faintest of driplets fell from the cloudcover), I realized I’d experienced the same kind of intense focus that E provides, just by being outside in a near-pitch backyard, staring at a computer screen for over five hours. (You did not read that wrong; the dual battery setup lasted about four hours, then I plugged in.)

Now it’s Monday, nearing midnight. I’m home, excited about beginning the illustration on the second issue of LYNCHPIN after having had Pete at the Blue Beetle ask for an initial ten copies of #1 on consignment.

Tomorrow is the Toronto Comic Jam. I will be there or be a square piece of dogshit.


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